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V1.3.0 BETA 2 is released:

Project Description
PerceptiveMCAPI - A .NET friendly wrapper for the MailChimp Api written in C# by Perceptive Logic.

Also available is an UI to assist in testing and that can be used as example code for your projects.

Improve ease of use and functionality for ASP.NET users of the MailChimp API by providing a class library wrapper and Testing UI.
Emphasis is on easy maintenance and flexibility of code to quickly respond to enhancements and changes in the API made by MailChimp.

• Use .NET classes to wrap functionality of the API, pass input parameters, and return output results.
• Provide for both Xml-Rpc and Serial access to API information via strongly typed classes for input which format and create the appropriate API calls for you, eliminating the 'jagged array' headaches. Multiple class signatures provided.
• Provide a consistent output type -- .Net generic types in place of arrays and structs; e.g., List<string> instead of string[], Dictionary<string, string> for associative arrays, etc.
• Serial access also returns unformatted output types; either XML, JSON, or PHP.
• Provide custom default values that can override MailChimp api defaults; e.g., limit=50 vs. 300. A custom configuration section in the web.config file is used to specify default overrides.
• Provide validation (selectable, on/off) for parameter completeness and type checking.
• Return wrapper validation messages and returned API errors messages as generic lists for ease of checking and reporting.
• Results, other than simple integer, string or boolean values, are defined as custom classes making them easy to use in databound controls.
• Xml-Rpc processing uses Cook Computing's v2.4 library.
• JSON values are parsed using the .NET JavaScriptSerializer class.
• XML values are parse using LINQ to XML.

Road Map
Flexibility of approach will allow for rapid response to changes made in the API by MailChimp as well as extended features such as the potential for:

-- Custom input types.
-- Logging of API use.
-- Restrict functionality by Apikey
-- Custom error messages.
-- Custom validation.
-- and more

by Perceptive Logic

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