update campaign from url

Oct 19, 2010 at 11:34 AM


Im updating a transactional email with content from an URL.
But when sending, the content is not changed....
The funny thing is, that when view the campaign in mailchimp its with the new updatet content....

Any ideas why?
My simple code:

        //update campaign
        campaignUpdateInput campaignupdateinput = new campaignUpdateInput();
        campaignupdateinput.parms.apikey = strApiKey;
        campaignupdateinput.parms.cid = strCampaignID;
        campaignupdateinput.parms.name = "content";
        Dictionary<string, string> contentvalue = new Dictionary<string, string>();
        contentvalue.Add("url", strContentURL);
        campaignupdateinput.parms.value = contentvalue;
        campaignUpdate campaignupdate = new campaignUpdate(campaignupdateinput);
        campaignUpdateOutput campaignupdateoutput = campaignupdate.Execute();

        //send mail
        campaignSendNowInput campaignsendnowinput = new campaignSendNowInput(strApiKey, strCampaignID);
        campaignSendNow campaignsendnow = new campaignSendNow(campaignsendnowinput);
        campaignSendNowOutput campaignsendnowoutput = campaignsendnow.Execute();


Oct 25, 2010 at 11:07 PM

Yes, No, Maybe .... aka, It's a better question for Jesse at MC.

I can't speak to what goes on the MailChimp side, and I personally don't use the url option for my work so I don't have any first hand experience for you. I basically make sure the wrapper passes the info to MC correctly, and then it's in their hands.

However, if I recall correctly, sounds like one of the threads on the Api discussion group....




... except you ARE doing a send, so it should have been updated -- unless it's still getting the cache, and not the new content.  But that would be a MC issue, and nothing that I can affect.