error:Invalid MailChimp API key

Sep 14, 2016 at 12:24 AM
I am getting this error when trying to populate lists on a new account.
d3fa787997 : {"error":"Invalid MailChimp API key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","code":104}

The code updates several lists on several accounts and the old ones all work well.

After doing somedigging I have found
The end of the API key is -us14

But the URL it uses is :

It looks to me like it is truncating us14 to us1 - this is backed by the documentation.

api_DataCenter – as specified in your account by MailChimp
• defaults to auto, or must match the last 3 digits of your apikey

If I enter us14 the api in the appconfig for this list works - if I put it back to auto the API fails for this list.

Any suggestion so that I can process both lists in the same application.