V1.2.3 PerceptiveMCAPI .Net Wrapper

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Released: Apr 25, 2010
Updated: Apr 26, 2010 by davidmclusa
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Release Notes

PerceptiveMCAPI – v 1.2.3 Change log

Functionality through MailChimp API announce v1.2.5 on 15-Feb-2010

.NET Wrapper

New wrapper directives; api_MethodType and api_EncodeRequest – CodePlex #3610

The api_MethodType directive determines (using values “GET” or “POST”) the type of serial request that is invoked. Using GET was the only method used in the previous release, and specifying that option will still build the url request string as before. The POST option does a Form Encoded Data request (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) instead. POST is the default Serial method type. Thanks go out to Sergio for doing the prototype on this.

The api_EncodeRequest directive affects Serial GET requests only. The default is ‘True’ as it was in the past, but there was previously no directive available to change that value if desired.

Source Code Reorganization & modularization

  • Each method is given it’s own folder (within group; e.g., ‘ping’ within ‘Helper’)
  • input, output, parms, results, etc., type classes are now individual documents within the folder of the method
  • x_method intermediate results – namespace PerceptiveMCAPI.Types.Internal – are now separate documents in the method folder, instead of being in the Api_Structures document.
  • The ValidateInput class has been defined as a ‘partial’ classes. Each folder will contain the ‘partial’ part for its associated method. The ‘base’ ValidateInput and Validator classes are in the Application folder. Methods requiring specific validation, or if custom validation is required, use a method_Validator class with methods called from the ValidateInput partial class segment.
  • I also added class diagrams for each api method.

campaignEcommAddOrder, campaignEcommOrders, and ecommAddOrder

My O.C.D. kicked-in on this one. I changed the above methods to use common class definitions for the above methods. Will likely do a little tweaking on this before “live” release.

campaignCreate & campaignUpdate ‘auto_tweet’ for Twitter – CodePlex #3397

If you have the Twitter integration activated, this updates the: "automatically post to Twitter after campaign is sent" check-box.

listSubscribe, listMemberUpdate & listBatchSubscribe ‘merge_vars’ field type changed from Dictionary<string, string> to Dictionary<string, object> – CodePlex #2271

For the 'object' value

  • if the object type is DateTime, the value is converted to an acceptable api string equivalent
  • if the object type is Dictionary<string, object> (used for address array), the Key-Value pairs are formated as required
  • Any other object type is passed to the api as-is
Any value previously passed as a string will work correctly with this change; additionally now the ‘array’ option for address type fields is supported

listMemberInfo – CodePlex #3892

MailChimp merge_vars defined as Array are now correctly converted for display. The only current instance of this scenario is the ‘address’ type fields.

Testing UI

Remove listBatchSubscribe entry limitations – CodePlex #2355

A new user control, ‘get_listBatchSubscribe’, has been added, and the options for batch subscribes removed
from the ‘get_listSubscribe’ control.

show_listMemberInfo #3892

Modified to display array (Dictionary) type merge_vars correctly.


  • Documentation now includes sample method calls in VB.Net
  • Api directive and wrapper defaults descriptions

See the change log in the documentation for more information on changes

Reviews for this release

Thanks so much for updating the DataCenter variable. I was able to hardcode for development on the us2 server, but was unable to set variable dynamically. Now we are ready for release of a basic version. Mike
by micbecke on Feb 25, 2011 at 11:25 PM