Source Code Changes in the .Net Wrapper

Jul 21, 2010 at 4:37 PM
Edited Jul 21, 2010 at 4:43 PM
This project didn't start out as an open source project, or even a project for that matter.

I simply needed to use a few api methods for a client project, and ran into a few frustrating issues relating to how MailChimp handled the input & output -- the loosely typed parameters & results didn't map well in a strongly typed language.

I did the usual quick-n-dirty approach in order to get the client project done on time. I also figured that other .NET folks might run into the same issues and limitations I did.

When I did decided to actually make this into a project, and open-source, I replicated the less-than-ideal code approach to the other methods of the wrapper in an effort to get as much of the functionality of the MC Api in place as quickly as possible -- I would clean-up the code as I became more familiar with the complete api.

I have tried to keep any breaking changes from those using the wrapper (without source mods), but this last release made the one breaking change necessary for some of the changes I have in mind for the future.

Those who have been looking at the source know that the last two releases have included many changes to the source structure -- and there is at least one more major structure change to come -- output related.

At this point, my thoughts don't include anything that would be a breaking change in execution, so those folks not needing to do source mods can rest easy (for now :-)
But it does include getting the output formatting out of the 'execute' class, applying DRY principals against some of the repeated code, etc.

... and who knows what MC will do in Api v1.3 -- that's a bit scary, eh?

My intention is to turn this project into something a bit better than a bunch of slapped together routines. Ideas welcome.

Stay tuned. David