What is the definition of List<Subscriber>?

Jun 13, 2011 at 7:15 PM

What is the definition of List<Subscriber>?

I almost have my console app working and would gladly share the full
source here if I can figure this out.

I'm using listatchsubscribe in a console app.

But I do not know the formatting of "List<Subscriber>"

I've almost put together a working console app I'm just not sure how to build the dictionary obj/List for it.

In the code there's: List<Subscriber> arrObjects = new List<Subscriber>();

I know in:public void listBatchSubscribe_method(List<Subscriber> SubscriberList)
It's assuming there's a collection made elsewhere form DB info with email, email_type, firstname,lastname and past payment in it...

But how do I build that collection? Just simple links would even be apprecaited. I'm just missing something basic here I believe.


Insight? pretty please with sugar on top and icing and a cherry and